WIP Wednesday: Loom Beaded Bracelet

Loom Beaded Bracelet Poster

Today, I was sorting through my craft bin and came across my collection of seed beads and my beading loom. I had a tiny bit of free time, so I started a new bracelet. As with any of the crafts I start, the time got away from me and I was spending more time on this bracelet than I should have been. Because of this, I started thinking of ways I could share my projects on the blog, even if they aren’t finished yet. My solution comes in the form of a new segment: Work in Progress Wednesdays!

tribal bracelet on a bead loom


So…here it is! My first WIP Wednesday is this bracelet. I haven’t had a ton of experience with loom beading, but it really isn’t hard to do once you get going.

This post isn’t meant to be a full-fledged DIY, but if you are interested in making one of these, here are the supplies I use:

  • A loom. Some people go for the DIY loom made from cardboard and a box cutter. I prefer to use this one I bought from JoAnn’s. It was only like $7 and saved me a ton of time.
  • Glass seed beads. Quality over quantity on theses guys. I bought a few bags of really cheap beads and I can’t use more than half of them because the holes are misshapen. Super frustrating.
  • A bead threading needle. No, not just any needle. Get one specifically for beads. If the needle has an eye that is too big, you won’t get it through your seed beads.
  • Nylon beading thread. This has been my favorite type of thread to use. I’ve tried elastic and wire, which I do not recommend for seed beads. Also, I would avoid using white/light colored thread because it is super visible between the beads and can stain easily.
  • Ribbon clasps. There are a ton of tutorials online about using ribbon clasps for these kinds of bracelets. I like them because they hide the strings and give your bracelets a professional finish.
  • Bead organizing container. When I first bought my supplies, I skipped the container and it was a huge struggle. Having an organizer with all of your beads in one place makes beading a million times easier.

Before getting started, I would pull out a piece of graph paper and start designing your bracelet. Doing this will keep you from beading the wrong colors. It is not fun having to go back and undo rows of beads that were beaded in the wrong order. Making a design will also help you determine how many strings you need on your loom. For reference, for however many rows of beads you want (width wise), you need one more string on your loom. For example, my bracelet is 7 rows of beads, so my loom has 8 strings on it.

Though this isn’t much of a DIY guide, I’ve included tips that I wish I had read when I started beading on a loom. If you have any questions on how to get started, leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out!

Here’s another beaded bracelet I made awhile ago!

Fruit design beaded bracelet

xoxo, AH


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