An embroidery piece with life updates on the side

Hi all – it’s been a minute since I’ve updated the ol’ blog. Since I want this to be a craft centric blog, I’ll keep the life updates short and sweet.


First of all, my fourth year of college has officially kicked off and I am now an accounting major. This is a huge departure from where I saw myself when I was in high school, but college is for discovery and I’m just happy I finally discovered which major would suit me best!


Second, Austin graduated in August and is livin’ it up before his first “real” job starts. He’s had some extra time on his hands, but he stays super busy and picks up my slack at home. I’m so grateful for his support as I spend many looooong days on campus.

Third, my mom opened up a sushi restaurant in Orem. It comes with great perks, like free sushi virtually whenever – but the cons exist as well, like having to pick up some shifts there every now and then. I do love working with my mom though, so it really isn’t so bad.

About this summer

Fourth, this summer will go down as my most adventurous yet. Austin and I started it by going to Europe for a month, threw in a few more trips to places like Yellowstone, OR & TX, and ended it with a bang at Disneyland. It was a whirlwind for sure and I am still adjusting to being in one place for more than a week at a time.

The drive to Texas is a long and boring one…

Craft update…

I have to include some kind of craft in order to keep up with the theme of my blog! Here is an embroidery piece I finished about a month ago. Embroidery/hoop art is one of my first crafting loves. It’s one of those crafts that you put down for awhile and wonder why you stopped when you pick it back up again.

I really love the effect the top fabric has on the entire piece. Holographic/shiny looks are some of my favorites right now and florals are always a fun design!

Hopefully, this post breathes some life back into my blog! I plan to not go another year without posting, so here is to many more posts to come. Thanks for sticking around


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