Why This Blog Exists

This blog launched in September of 2016 as a way for me to track the projects I have taken on and to connect with the huge community of crafters on the internet. I wanted to make a space where I had a voice in that community and could inspire others as much as they’ve inspired me. If you love crafting, fashion, and random insights into the life of a newly married person, you’ll feel right at home here!

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More About Me

My passion for crafting began at a young age. I have always loved the idea that you can learn a skill that helps you turn simple materials into something beautiful and unique. I am always learning and ready to take on a new challenge, and I hope to document those on this blog. Sometimes, I find myself almost too self-conscious to post some of my work. Luckily, my amazingly supportive husband has helped me fix that bad habit by reading each post and giving me great feedback. I sure do love that guy.

I am currently in school which makes blogging a little bit harder to fit into the schedule. So that’s why I need you, my readers, to help keep me accountable and posting on a regular basis! This blog has already become a great way for me to decompress during the week. I find myself thinking, “I need to blog about that!” almost daily, so expect more posts to go up in the near future.

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