Literally ten minutes before I had to leave for a trip, I was able to bust out this little cutie of a choker. It was so quick and easy that I knew I had to share it on the blog.

Chokers have been on trend for awhile now, but I’ll admit that I have been dragging my feet in terms of making one myself. A week ago, I decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did. I will probably be making a ton more in the near future.

Let’s get this show on the road and start with materials.

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4 Design Principles Everyone Should Know

4 Design Principles Everyone Should Know

Ahhhh. I have been a bad blog mom. I can’t believe I’ve gone 2 weeks without posting anything!

School has been crazier than usual with term-length classes ending and final project deadlines a few days away. With all of my focus on school, I haven’t had any time to take up a craft and that makes me so sad. Luckily, my classes this term have included some design work. One in particular has taught me a lot about general design principles and developing my own aesthetic. We’ve had assignments making business cards, infographics, and magazine layouts, to name a few.

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WIP Wednesday: Loom Beaded Bracelet

Loom Beaded Bracelet Poster

Today, I was sorting through my craft bin and came across my collection of seed beads and my beading loom. I had a tiny bit of free time, so I started a new bracelet. As with any of the crafts I start, the time got away from me and I was spending more time on this bracelet than I should have been. Because of this, I started thinking of ways I could share my projects on the blog, even if they aren’t finished yet. My solution comes in the form of a new segment: Work in Progress Wednesdays!

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Shooting Tips for Casual Photographers

Last Sunday, Austin and I went up to his parents’ house for General Conference. Aside from it being spiritually uplifting, we all felt a little drained after staring at the TV for hours. With fall in the air, we decided to drive up the canyon to see the changing leaves. I happened to have my camera on me which usually means I would be taking pictures of Austin, but he didn’t feel like having his picture taken and asked if he could take the pictures this time. Our trip turned into a little teaching opportunity for me as I helped Austin frame up his shots.

Here are a few tips I shared with him! (Side note: I am by no means a professional at photography, I just love to take pictures and these guidelines have helped me a lot!)

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5 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Brush Letterer

Being sick has really given me a lot of time to blog. While Austin is slaving away at school, I get to stay home and relax. Well, not actually relax. More like blow my nose every five seconds and try not to pass out from a coughing fit.

Something that has helped me keep my sanity while being cooped up these past couple of days has been brush calligraphy. As I’ve been practicing and searching Pinterest for inspiration, I realized that calligraphy has taught me some things in the short amount of time that I’ve been doing it.

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How to Slip Knot in Six Pictures!

Hey family, friends, fellow crafters. I don’t have a ton of time to post this week, but I wanted to drop a little visual on here that I put together last week.

Now that the leaves are changing and the mornings are brisker, I decided to pull out some extra chunky yarn and giant crochet needle to make a quick something. I just kind of started to crochet in the round to see where it would take me. Guys, this was not my best work…maybe I’ll make a post about it soon. I’d have to create a new category on the blog for it called “Crafting Mishaps”. They happen to the best of us.

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So much time and so little to do-


-scratch that, reverse it.

Gene Wilder died recently which spurred an impromptu movie night with the hubs. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will always be my favorite movie, even if Roald Dahl didn’t agree with the casting and the majority of society thinks it’s a creepy film.

Anyways, this quote pretty much sums up my life these past few months. Or, at least, the reversal of it. I’ve gone from having hours and hours of free time filled with Netflix, to fourteen hour days made up of class, work, homework, housework, and being married. It all started about four months ago…

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